You can only ignore your outdated bathroom for so long before you come to the conclusion it must be done.  Here's a list of steps to follow when going forward with a renovation of your bathroom:

*   Talk to your friends and co-workers who have renovated and get some good suggestions that helped them. 

*  A good place to start will be to get a general idea of what you want to accomplish. You can do this by perusing design magazines and or by surfing the web. Make sure what you are interested in will fit the size of your bathroom. Try to be open to new ideas so you won't out-date your bath before you're even finished.

*   Make a list of the supplies you will need to complete the job and then go out and start scouting for suppliers for them all. Watch the budget, but look for quality as compared to price,  as price is not always the best aspect of selecting goods, and don't stop when you've found just one item. COMPARE.

*   Consider hiring a professional... it costs money but could save you money in the end. Be realistic: Choose to do personally only those projects you absolutely know you can do by  yourself. If you are fairly confident but just want to be spared some costly mistakes you might hire a handyman as a consultant.  However, if the jobs you cannot do are complicated, save yourself money and headaches and hire a contractor to get it done

* Take your time and make sure you are not over-paying, but temper that with not being stingy for important services.