I know you've heard about it: That there are companies “stage “your home for sale, each property sale is unique, for example if your property is vacant the staging organization will have furniture ready to use in which case a professional stager can be a very good option.  If you occupy your home  then you may want to stage your property yourself.  If you think you have a decent sense of form, order, and design, I am sure you can do it yourself by just utilizing the following guidelines: 

  • Take all items off counter-tops no matter if they are built-in or free standing furniture. Put just one item in the now empty space that is large enough to keep balance but simple enough not to draw attention away from your home as a whole.
  •  Leave only items on kitchen counters that you must use every day. Put the rest away. Keep things very clean during the listing time.
  • Make sure you remove all clutter on top of furniture and too much furniture itself to either a storage facility or the garage. The reality is that you are going to have to pack anyway to move, so you might as well do it now and  help yourself sell your home faster. There should be lots of empty space on the floor and walls so that the prospective buyer is drawn into your home and not repelled by clutter.·    
  • Remove most of your family photos and personal items and  put them away. This can be a security issue, too.
  • Clean floors and furnishings and walls and spot paint the walls.
  • Fresh flowers in each room are a good idea, too.

If you do not have a decent sense of form, order, and design, and this list is confusing to you, then best to have your Realtor help you or hire someone professional, as it is important for the sale of your home.