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Waiting Periods after Foreclosure, Short Sale or Bankruptcy

One of our lender partners provided us a very useful guide details their waiting periods for new loans for clients that have either gone through a Short Sale, Foreclosure or Bankruptcy.  Keep in mind programs and policies change over time and by lender so touch base with us if your situation needs review. Conventional Loans Chapter 7 Bankruptcy - 4 year waiting period from the discharge/dismissal date Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – 2 year waiting period from the discharge date or 4 years from dismissal date Multiple Bankruptcies within a 7 year period.  The waiting period is 5 years from the most recent discharge/dismissal date. Deed-in-Lieu/Pre-Foreclosure Sale (Short Sale) - Minimum 2 year waiting period. FHA/VA Loans Chapter 7 Bankruptcy - 2 year waiting period from the discharge/dismissal date Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – 1 year of the payout must have elapsed and borrower’s performance must have been paid as agr ...

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Request for Repairs

Many times a home is purchased after a few showings where the buyer gets comfortable that the property will meet their requirements without necessarily extensively reviewing the physical condition of the property. After offer acceptance normally a home inspection takes place where the buyer hires a professional inspector to analyze the property and prepares a written inspection report.  A quality inspector will carefully examine the property and write a detailed report of its condition. It is important to note that the vast majority of homes are not perfect,  even newly built homes.  There are going to be small items that have to be dealt with, the Request for Repairs process is one of the important aspects of having a quality buyers agent represent the buyer through the home purchase. Lookup Realty has complied a list of San Diego based home inspectors that you can interview. From time to time the inspection report turns up something  significant both in terms of c ...

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The Home Purchase Process

Below is a very nice visual representation of the home purchase process.  Contact us to get started on your home purchase.

Why work with a Buyer’s Agent?

Why work with a Buyer’s Agent? One of the biggest mistakes home buyers can make is to purchase a listed property without the use of an experienced buyer’s agent. Now, any agent can be a buyer’s agent but, unless they have extensive experience of the many facets of many real estate transactions, they will not be able to guide you through the many pitfalls which can cause anything from financial loss to the purchase of a defective property. Some home buyers incorrectly believe that, if they don’t use a buyers’ agent, they can get the seller to give them a discount in-lieu of paying the buyer’s agent. This is almost always wrong. A seller enters into a listing agreement with the listing broker for an agreed upon amount. Once the property is listed in MLS, that fee is shared with the agent, if any, that sells the property. If the listing agent sells the property…s/he keeps 100% of the commission. That means, not only do you not get a discount equal to the shared fee, b ...

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Farah Egli Testimonials

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your outstanding performance as a professional real estate agent. We were extremely impressed with your many qualities and strengths, which you shares with us not only as a professional but also as a real team player.  Many of your beneficial character qualities for which we reaped their benefits are sincerity, integrity, high performance negotiation ability, seeing the big picture and getting the job done completely and on time. But above all, we were most impressed with your highest character quality of 'focus to build and maintain a pleasant working relationship with us". Please accept our sincere appreciation for a job well done. We look forward to working with you again. Sincerely, Shahin & Linda Moshref We moved to Southern California from Florida in order to be near our families in late 2004. I found Farah Egli. I liked Farah immediately and found that she was excellent ...

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Board Grants Concept Approval for Proposed Lane Field Park

The concept for a new two-acre public park/plaza along San Diego’s North Embarcadero was approved by the Board of Port Commissioners at its March 6 meeting.

The proposed park would be located at the northeast corner of the intersection of West Broadway and North Harbor Drive, stretching north to a property owned by the Navy at 1120 Pacific Highway.

It is to be built at the site of Lane Field, where a ballpark once stood that was home to the old Pacific Coast League Padres, and where a hotel development is planned.

The park is designed to be an urban space that sits across from San Diego Bay that reflects the history and characteristics of the area.

More on the Port of San Diego’s Website

Custom MLS Searches

Browsing the listings on our website can be very fun and certainly countless people have found their home starting with our website. In some cases it may be useful for us to set you up with a custom search with optional personal web portal. We can search virtually every field in the MLS – including if the home has been listed for example with FHA loan elibigility, pool or spa, cash only sales, specific key words in the description, etc. The search will send you email alerts on a real-time, daily or weekly basis depending on your needs. We can do this two ways; contact us and let us know the Areas, Price Ranges, etc or simply inquire on a few homes on asking us to use those homes as the basis to a custom search and we’ll do the rest ...

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Port of San Diego Awards North Embarcadero Construction Contract

From the Port of San Diego, be sure to check out their video rendering. The Board of Port Commissioners has authorized the award of an $18.3 million construction contract for the North Embarcadero Visionary Plan Phase I project.  A construction contract was awarded to USS Cal Builders, Inc. at the November 8 meeting of the Board of Port Commissioners. The company, headquartered in Stanton, California, has built several public facilities, inc inluding the City of Costa Mesa’s police station, the City of Vernon, California’s, fire station, and numerous educational facilities. Infrastructure projects the company has worked on include the widening of 12 miles of State Route 22 in Garden Grove, California. That project included the construction of 10 new bridges. USS Cal Builders, Inc. will begin construction of the North Embarcadero Visionary Plan Phase I project on January 5, 2012. Phase I will be broken into Phase 1A, which includes the area of West B ...

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Skyscraper-sized ‘wings’ sculpture proposed for Navy Pie

The San Diego Union Tribune reports on a proposed sculpture for downtown San Diego’s Navy Pier.

Downtown San Diego Post Office Proposed Redevelopment

The historic E Street post office downtown could be redeveloped with the addition of a 20-story,  apartment tower under plans due soon to the city’s Historic Resources Board.

The developer, Pacific Equity Partners of Rancho Santa Fe, is proposing to retain much of the 1930s post office, including its Art Deco facade, and build 360 apartments by the end of 2014 if all goes well, according to the project architects, Eric Davy and Richard Bundy.

Other local post offices might be available for redevelopment, but Pacific Equity said there are no discussions at the moment for any other sites. The company passed up the chance to redevelop the Midway processing center, whose closing was announced Monday.

The San Diego Union Tribune Reports


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