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Skyscraper-sized ‘wings’ sculpture proposed for Navy Pie

The San Diego Union Tribune reports on a proposed sculpture for downtown San Diego’s Navy Pier.

Downtown San Diego Post Office Proposed Redevelopment

The historic E Street post office downtown could be redeveloped with the addition of a 20-story,  apartment tower under plans due soon to the city’s Historic Resources Board.

The developer, Pacific Equity Partners of Rancho Santa Fe, is proposing to retain much of the 1930s post office, including its Art Deco facade, and build 360 apartments by the end of 2014 if all goes well, according to the project architects, Eric Davy and Richard Bundy.

Other local post offices might be available for redevelopment, but Pacific Equity said there are no discussions at the moment for any other sites. The company passed up the chance to redevelop the Midway processing center, whose closing was announced Monday.

The San Diego Union Tribune Reports


Time Change Reminder: It’s Fall Back Time

Daylight Saving Time is ending so it’s “Fall Back” time.  Turn your clock back one hour before going to bed on Saturday evening.

It’s even more important to use the semi-annual time change as a reminder to 
test your smoke detectors
.  Do the test twice annually during “Spring Forward” and “Fall Back” and change to a fresh battery if needed.

Also drive extra safe on our freeways as the evening commute will be significantly less light with the time change.


San Diego County Property Tax Important Dates

Important Dates to Remember July 1 – Beginning of fiscal year. January 1 - Unsecured bills mailed out; Lien date for unsecured taxes. August 31 – Unsecured deadline. A 10% penalty is added. September – Treasurer-Tax Collector mails out original secured property tax bills. November 1 – First installment is due (Secured Property Tax) and delinquent Unsecured accounts are changed additional penalties of 1½% until paid. December 10 – First installment payment deadline. A 10% penalty is added to payments made after this date.* February 1 – Second installment due (Secured Property Tax). April 10 - Second installment payment deadline. A 10% penalty plus $10.00 cost is added to payments made after this date.* May – Treasurer-Tax Collector mails delinquent notices for any unpaid, regular current taxes. June 30 - End of fiscal year. July 1 - Delinquent Secured accounts are transferred to delinquent tax roll and additional penalties added at 1- ½% per month on any unpaid tax amounts, plus $15.00 redemption ...

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The Importance of Prequalification

How to go about financing the purchase of a property has several factors to consider.  It’s important to start planning and taking certain actions sooner than later. Why?  If you have a financial institution tell you how much you can finance you can focus your browsing of homes for sale on to properties that fit your range. You may find that with the financing knowledge in hand you can look at a broader range of homes or invest your time wisely viewing properties that have a good chance of getting your offer accepted and ultimately close on. Once you start looking at homes in person any offers that you put together with your Lookup Realty Agent will include the financing terms in the offers along with the prequalification documents. Think of it from the Seller’s perspective, their property will be off the market while they wait for the sale to close. If your financing does not come through they will have to start all over again. Make sure you have a strong offer with prequalificatio ...

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Ground broken on North Park housing project

Construction on a new $28 million affordable-housing complex is officially underway in North Park after local officials broke ground on the one-acre site Wednesday afternoon.


The 83-unit community, which will be named “Kalos,” will offer one, two and three-bedroom apartments for between $727 and $1,118 a month. The project is being financed by the nonprofit Community HousingWorks and is funded by the San Diego Redevelopment Agency, San Diego Housing Commission and through the federal Low Income Tax Credit program.

Read more on  San Diego Union Tribune website


Why Staging is Crucial to a Successful Sale

Turn on any popular home network on cable TV and you’ll find a program on staging. Re-arrange your furniture, pick a soothing color palette, clear out the family photos, and your home will sell faster, and for more money. Sound too frou-frou to be true? It’s not! The soft and decorative side of staging is backed by hard facts. Real estate agents like great-looking homes because they are easier to sell. Why is that important? An agent’s job is to please their clients, and they will direct their clients to the homes they think they will be interested in purchasing. Agents talk to other agents who are also directing their clients to the best homes on the market. An attractive listing will be shown more often, meaning more market exposure—critical for a quick and profitable house sale. Staging is non-negotiable in many parts of the country. Staging a listing for sale in an area where the concept hasn’t caught on can give you an advantage, particularly if there are many unsold listings si ...

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Help for Homeowner’s Facing Foreclosure

Do You Know a Homeowner Facing Foreclosure? Here’s A Way Out.   Headlines today are filled with stories about homeowners in financial distress—people who face a lender’s foreclosure on their home.   Millions of American home owners are wondering what to do. Like most crises, this one has produced its share of rumors and misinformation. One of the biggest ones is “just let it happen.” Why fight back, this line of thinking goes. It’s too emotionally draining, and the government’s loan modifications aren’t helping many people. Well, that’s only partly true. While government loan modification programs have fallen short of the mark so far, there is another solid, sensible option for homeowners. It’s called a short sale—a sale to a buyer where the seller’s lender agrees to accept less than the full amount owned. Why not be foreclosed? Why sell short? Agents who have closed hundreds of these transactions provide this list of reasons: Avoid the foreclosure stigma – Homeowners will always have to dis ...

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East Village plan biggest since Petco Park

The San Diego Union Tribune reports on a nearly $1 billion development project under discussion for downtown San Diego’s East Village neighborhood.


“Manhattan has its Upper East Side and downtown San Diego could boast an “Upper East Village,” if a new development team succeeds in carrying out an ambitious plan, being announced Thursday, that would be downtown’s biggest undertaking since Petco Park.”


Fat City Lofts in Little Italy

The downtown new development pipeline starts to see some new projects again.

Located on Pacific Highway the proposed Fat City lofts consists of 237 rental apartments and commercial/retail space should create a nice transition from Little Italy to the North Embarcadero.

Read more on the CCDC website.

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