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AllTime High Buyer Optimism

Buyer Optimism at All Time High Since 2012

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What Are Real Estate Deeds?

What is a deed?  What type of deed -- grant, quitclaim, warranty -- should I use? A deed is the document that transfers ownership of real estate. It contains the names of the old and new owners and a legal description of the property, and is signed by the person transferring the property. You can't transfer real estate without having something in writing, which is almost always a deed. Here's a brief rundown of the most common types of deeds: A quitclaim deed transfers whatever ownership interest a person has in a property. It makes no guarantees about the extent of the person's interest. Quitclaim deeds are commonly used by divorcing couples; one spouse signs all his or her rights in the couple's real estate over to the other. This can be especially useful if it isn't clear how much of an interest, if any, one spouse has in property that's held in the other's name. (However, a quitclaim deed doesn't relieve the individual transferring ownership from the mortgage, if there is one.) Quitclaim dee ...

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Lookup Realty named to REAL Trends America's Best List

Lookup Realty the owner operator of was named as one of America’s most productive Real Estate teams as a part of REAL Trends America’s Best Real  Estate Agents the newly issued ranking report produced by REAL Trends and produced in partnership with Trulia.  REAL Trends America’s Best Real Estate Agents ranks over 9,500 residential real estate agents solely based on their excellence in real estate sales during calendar year 2013. All production numbers are independently verified by a third-party in order to ensure accuracy and report integrity. This group of highly successful real estate sales agents represents less than 1 percent of all real estate practitioners in the United States. The real estate agents are ranked in four categories: • Individual agent — Sales volume  • Individual agent — Transaction sides   • Agent team — Sales volume • Agent team — Transaction sides To qualify for inclusion, ...

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What Issues Affect Home Insurance Costs?

Issues Affecting Home Insurance Costs

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How Are New Homeowners Prioritizing Home Improvements?

Home Improvements for New Home Owners

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Social Benefits of Home ownership

Benefits of Home Ownership

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How Important is it To Buy a Home In a "Walkable" Neighborhood?

Walkscores are  Real

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Why Does It Pay To Use A Realtor?


Benefits of an Assumable FHA Loan

From one of our preferred lenders Prospect Mortgage An often overlooked benefit of Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans is that they’re assumable, meaning the buyer can take over the seller’s home loan, and, more importantly, the loan terms.* This is particularly important given the current historically low interest rate environment and that rates may rise over the years to come. An assumable loan provides the buyer with a seller’s advantage because lower interest rates dramatically affect affordability when it comes to purchasing a home. To determine how valuable an assumable FHA loan could be, we can look at the following scenario: On a $200,000 mortgage, if interest rates increase from 4.5% to 5.5%, the cost of the mortgage payment increases $123 a month. If interest rates increase from 4.5% to 6.5%, the cost of the mortgage increases $251 a month. In another scenario, assume the buyer purchases a home today with a $300,000 FHA loan at 4.5%. The principle and inte ...

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To Renovate or Not To Renovate Your Bathroom

Renovate Your Bathroom

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