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South Chula Vista Foreclosures

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1st AvePreforeclosure4/2n/a04/26/2013
5th Ave Unit C6Preforeclosure4/2n/a
Ada St # 8Preforeclosure3/2n/a
Anita St Unit 82Preforeclosure2/1n/a03/21/2013
Avenida RosaPreforeclosure4.0/3.0n/a
Avenida RosaPreforeclosure4/3n/a03/13/2013
Bethune WayPreforeclosure3/2n/a02/14/2013
Calle Cima BellaPreforeclosure3/2n/a05/21/2013
Camellia CtPreforeclosure5/2n/a05/31/2013
Caminito ValientePreforeclosure3/2n/a04/25/2013
Connoley AvePreforeclosure3/2n/a
Corte Maria AvePreforeclosure3/1n/a
Country Club DrPreforeclosure4/3n/a03/01/2013
Date CtPreforeclosure3/1n/a05/24/2013
Date StPreforeclosure4/2n/a
Diamond DrPreforeclosure5/3n/a
E L StPreforeclosure3/2n/a
E Olympia StPreforeclosure3/1n/a03/21/2013
E Oneida StPreforeclosure3/1n/a
E Orlando StPreforeclosure3/2n/a
Guatay AvePreforeclosure3/2n/a
Harlan CtPreforeclosure5/2n/a03/15/2013
Hilltop DrPreforeclosure3/1n/a04/25/2013
Hilltop Dr Apt 1Preforeclosure3/2n/a05/20/2013
Holiday CtPreforeclosure3/2n/a02/08/2013
Humphrey PlPreforeclosure4/2n/a
K StPreforeclosure3/2n/a06/03/2013
La Chica DrPreforeclosure4/2n/a
Lotus DrPreforeclosure3/1n/a05/23/2013
Main StPreforeclosure3/3n/a
Maple Dr Unit 79Preforeclosure3/2n/a05/20/2013
Mariposa CirPreforeclosure4/2n/a05/02/2013
Melrose AvePreforeclosure4/2n/a06/11/2013
Melrose Ave Unit 37Preforeclosure2/2n/a
Monserate AvePreforeclosure3/1n/a05/28/2013
Moss St UnitPreforeclosure2/2n/a
Moss St Unit 19Preforeclosure1/1n/a06/12/2013
Moss St Unit 313Preforeclosure1/1n/a06/04/2013
Myra AvePreforeclosure4/2n/a06/04/2013
Oaklawn AvePreforeclosure4/1n/a05/21/2013
Oleander AvePreforeclosure4/2n/a
Orange DrPreforeclosure2/1n/a
Oriole PlPreforeclosure3/2n/a03/07/2013
Oxford StPreforeclosure3/1n/a06/07/2013
Palm AvePreforeclosure4/2n/a06/03/2013
Rancho Ct Unit BPreforeclosure4/1n/a
Rancho Dr Unit DPreforeclosure4/2n/a
Rancho Dr Unit DPreforeclosure4/2n/a03/04/2013
Regency Ct Unit APreforeclosure3/1n/a04/26/2013
Rivera StPreforeclosure3/2n/a
Skylark WayPreforeclosure5/3n/a
Sonora Dr Unit 236Preforeclosure4/2n/a03/06/2013
Spruce CtPreforeclosure4/2n/a04/24/2013
Steiner DrPreforeclosure4/2n/a04/25/2013
Sullivan CtPreforeclosure4/2n/a
Tamarack CtPreforeclosure3/2n/a
Vista WayPreforeclosure3/1n/a06/10/2013
Woodlawn AvePreforeclosuren/a
Zenith StPreforeclosure4/2n/a02/28/2013
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