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6030 Dipper St

San Diego, CA  92114
General Info
Area:   Encanto Real Estate
Zoning:  Single Family Residential
Use:  Single Family Residential
Parcel Number:  5430410200
Sales History
04/01/2013$340,00029y 4m48%1%
08/31/2012$229,00028y 9m60%2%
06/28/1994$143,00010y 6m22%2%
12/05/1988$117,5005y 81%13%
01/15/1986$64,9002y 1m2%1%
12/01/1983$63,686n/a-   -   
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Tax Assessment
Land Value:  $82,924
Improvement Value:  $124,729
Net Value:  $207,653
Est Property Tax:  $2,596

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