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Selling with the SDLookup Real Estate Team

Why Sell Your Home with

the SDLookup Real Estate Team?

1. Better Exposure for your home

The SDLookup Real Estate Team has professionals who understand the San Diego real estate market and know what home buyers want.  We will help with recommendations for strategic improvements in order to boost the value of your home.  We will help make sure your home looks good online and will compel potential buyers to come check it out.

Our Team will:  
  • Identify key Fix-ups and Improvements with the highest ROI that will increase your homes value

  • Recommend simple & effective staging ideas to boost the emotional appeal of your home and better connect with buyers

  • Have professional high qualified photos taken to make sure your home looks good online

  • Determine the market value of your home and develop an intelligent Listing Price strategy 

2. Our website & marketing platform will reach More Buyers

When selling your home the goal is to create a Bidding War.  In order to do that your listing must be exposed to as many potential buyers as possible.  Our marketing platform combines both new school and old school marketing methods in order to expose your listing to more buyers. is one of the most popular websites among Home Buyers in San Diego county.  We have thousands of buyers from all over the world searching our site daily for a home, making it an ideal platform for a home seller looking to get an edge.    

Our Marketing Platform will:
  • Combine the power of and the MLS to reach buyers and agents looking in your neighborhood

  • Syndicate directly to buyers on all the other relevant digital platforms

  • Include Old School tactics like Open Houses and Agent Caravans

3. Low Fees will put More Money in your pocket

We believe you should not have to pay outrageous fees in order to sell your home.  You worked hard building the equity in your home and you should keep as much of it as possible.  We have a simple and easy Listing Fee structure that makes sure you get excellent service at a reasonable price.    

Our Low Cost fee structure:  
  • Is negotiable and based on the complexity of your specific listing situation

  • Is a better value than paying full price to a high cost broker

  • Will ultimately save you thousands and put more money in your pocket

4. Better Agents that Protect Your Interests and Reduce the Hassle

The SDLookup Real Estate Team has experienced professionals that are dedicated to making sure your interests are protected every step of the way.  We have great people who know their stuff, so you can be confident that you have the right agent.  We know selling your home is not easy, so we make sure you are well informed and have all the resources you need to make the process as hassle free as possible.

Our people will:   
  • Communicate often and effectively to ensure you are informed and able to make well educated decisions

  • Explain and help you navigate all the paperwork to make sure you are legally protected

  • Facilitate as smooth a transaction as possible to reduce the stress of being in escrow

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