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From the monthly archives: July, 2011

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The Top 5 Mistakes Sellers make when Selling their Home

Serious about selling your San Diego real estate? Before you sign the listing contract, read about these common mistakes that home sellers make: 1. Pricing the property too high for the current market. Price is everything. Overpricing does more to discourage buyers than any other single factor. When you overprice, you put your home in competition with homes that may be newer, larger or have more amenities than yours. You help your competition sell their their well priced property.   This leads to long days on the market, and costs you, the seller, money in the long run.  Lookup Realty can help you price your home correct and had significant tools and resources to market your home properly. 2. Listing the home in poor condition. A home that is in ill repair, or otherwise poor condition, does not excite buyers. A home like this is looked at by buyers as a work project and money pit. Having your home in good repair, clean and great showing condition will significantly improve your chances ...

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What to look for when selecting a Buyer’s Agent?

When purchasing a home there are a number of professionals that you engage to work on your behalf. A key part of your team is your Realtor acting as your buyer’s agent. The buyer tools on to view properties for sale are a great place to start the home purchase process. Inevitably questions about the home purchase process, industry terminology or the desire to see a particular property will arise. Lookup Realty agents are integrated into and work as a team which makes working with our professionals easy and convenient. Lookup Realty Agents will typically do the following on your behalf Schedule and host home tours Discuss the current market conditions in your particular sub-market In some cases previewing new listings on your behalf to see if they meet your criteria Answers questions about property availability and showing availability Draft offers on properties for your signature Negotiate with the seller’s agent on your behalf Discuss counter offers with you and ...

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The Home Purchase Process

Buying a home is a phased, multi-step process with the goal of eventually relaxing in your new home. The quality of the organization you choose to work with will make a difference every step of the way. is a great launching point with our custom buyer tools, eventually you’ll need to leave the web and start working with the professionals at Lookup Realty. So how many Home Purchase Process steps are there? Below are 15 tasks, depending on a specification transaction there may be a few more or less. 1. Initial Consultation with your Agent – Define agency relationship, Sort out needs and wants, Discuss financial qualifications 2. Loan Qualification – Discuss specific financial resources, Obtain prequalification letters 3. Submit Loan Application – Application to the lender with all necessary documents, this is followed by underwriting & appraisal after your offer is accepted 4. Home shopping -Tour properties that you consider ideal with learning about current market ...

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Short Sales, Foreclosures, Equity and Probate Sales

While browsing the listings on you’ll see descriptions of the homes for sale such as Short Sale, Foreclosure, Equity Sale and Probate Sale. These terms relate to the status of the seller and can have an impact on how fast a sale might be consummated and how much information you will receive from the seller. Below is a description of each that will come in handy as you review the many properties on the site. A short sale means the seller is willing to sell but the financial institution(s) that are owned money on the property are being negotiated with to take a loss on the property. This can stretch out the closing process considerable and leave little funds for problems that may arise during inspection. The ultimate sale of the property is dependent on the financial institution or investor’s final approval. This process can range from 90 days to over six months to gain approval and final closing of the sale. It is crucial to note that short sale properties can be very difficult to cl ...

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