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From the monthly archives: September, 2013

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New FHA Program Seeks to Give Borrowers Back their Buying Power

It’s no surprise that over the last several years a lot of people have experienced financial problems due to the economic downturn. Now that consumer confidence and employment opportunities have returned (respectively), traditional buyers are looking for ways to get back in the home buying game. They’ve been referred to affectionately as “Boomerang Buyers,” by the media. But what about all those buyers left credit-less because of an underwater mortgage that resulted in a foreclosure, short sale, or worse, bankruptcy? The following discussion notes the brass-tacks on a new program aimed at helping beleaguered borrowers earn back their buying power

 Tthe “Back to Work Program”

 The technical name is “The Back to Work Extenuating Circumstances Program,” and is designed to allow people who experienced a “Negative Credit Event” like a short sale, foreclosure or bankruptcy during the housing crisis to purchase a home. Typically these people would have experienced an extended delay of anywhere between two and seven years before they could purchase a home. Through this program, they have an opportunity to get back in within as little as 12 months. The program is going to remain in effect for any applications that have a case number through September of 2016.

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What is a Quitclaim Deed?

What is a Quitclaim Deed?

Why you might someday want a quitclaim deed


Source:  |  By Ben Apple

The process of buying a home can be complex, particularly when the home is currently owned by more than one person. One of the ways in which property can change hands is by a quitclaim deed, a legal document that is commonly used when several members of a family own a property. You may find that the seller or property agent presents you with a quitclaim deed or you may have been advised to ask for such a deed. Your insurance company, with whom you are looking to insure your new home, might also require this deed. It is therefore worthwhile to familiarize yourself with this type of deed and how it can be prepared.


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San Diego County Farmer's Market Schedule

Weekly Schedule for each Farmers Market held in San Diego County

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Your Final Walk-through for Your Home Purchase

Approximately one week from closing of your purchase in escrow, you can do your final walk-through of the home you are purchasing.  This enables you to go through and inspect your new home just before it closes escrow. This is normally done with your representing agent, and usually takes 20-40 minutes.  You are entitled to confirm that the house is in the same condition as when you purchased it and there is no new damage, and that the repairs the seller promised you would be done before close have indeed been done

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Stage This!

I know you've heard about it: That there are companies “stage “your home for sale, each property sale is unique, for example if your property is vacant the staging organization will have furniture ready to use in which case a professional stager can be a very good option.  If you occupy your home  then you may want to stage your property yourself.  If you think you have a decent sense of form, order, and design, I am sure you can do it yourself by just utilizing the following guidelines: 

  • Take all items off counter-tops no matter if they are built-in or free standing furniture. Put just one item in the now empty space that is large enough to keep balance but simple enough not to draw attention away from your home as a whole.
  •  Leave only items on kitchen counters that you must use every day. Put the rest away. Keep things very clean during the listing time.

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The Home Owner Warranty’s Place in Today’s Real Estate Purchase

When you sign a contract to purchase a home, you will see there is an automatic provision for buyer’s to obtain a Home Owner Warranty.  Please note this warranty does not refer to insurance coverage for fire, liability, and theft. This is an added optional warranty against system failures of some appliances, some plumbing issues and sometimes roof coverage.

In a “Normal” market, the seller many times will pay for this for their buyer as it is an extra way of attracting a buyer for their home. Should your seller refuse to pay for it, I strongly suggest that you do.  The warranty will likely cost from $300-500 depending on the size of the home and the options of coverage you wish to cover. It is your best bet to protect yourself from that good old “Murphy’s Law” that can kick  after close of escrow. Many times people will be so pleased with the coverage that they will continue the coverage after the first year.

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Financial Perks of Home Ownership

A Buyer's Guide to their Home Purchase Transaction

What a Typical Family Buying a Home Might Expect to Experience their Purchase Transaction after Escrow Opens

THE BEGINNING:    Escrow will be opened by the Realtor whose chose the escrow company per the Residential Purchase Agreement.  Your good faith deposit must be delivered to escrow typical within 3 days of acceptance of the offer.  

INSURANCE: Make sure you contact your insurance agent to order coverage for your property early in the process so you won’t have any problems with this near close of escrow.  Have your insurance agent contact the escrow officer with confirmation of the underwriting in case there are any issues with the property selected so you and your agent have ample time to work on solutions.  Make sure your insurance agent sends their investigator out to view the property and its location early on, if required, so your policy won’t be cancelled at the last minute due to underwriting issues. 

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Ten Most Buyer Desired Home Improvements

If you’ve decided to sell your home and have taken a good look around and realized it would probably need some physical improvement  to get it sold, this blog is for you!  Buyers are willing to pay premiums for the properly chosen additions, features and upgrades.  The other side of that coin is that Buyers will stay away from even writing offers on homes that seem overpriced for the amenities it has.  

 The National Association of REALTORS (NAR) has determined that home buyers are willing to spend an additional two thousand five hundred dollars for certain upgrades. If you can offer the right upgrades to prospective buyers, you could gain a real advantage.   

Many people have a slanted view of what constitutes a profitable upgrade as opposed to something you just happen to do around the house. Try to concentrate your efforts and funds to only those improvements that will benefit your goals.

The Top 10 Improvements Buyers are Looking For

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