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From the monthly archives: February, 2016

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Guest Blog Post By: Jennifer Scott

How a Visit to San Diego Got Me Out of a Serious Rut   Recently I was in the midst of a personal crossroads and in dire need of a change of scenery. A good friend of mine, Stacy, lives in San Diego and invited me to stay with her, an invitation I eagerly accepted. I never could have imagined what an amazing decision that would turn out to be, and how I would fall in love with the city of San Diego! By the time my plane landed, I was slightly overwhelmed by my giant wish list of places to go and things to do. I decided to simplify by starting with a walk through Waterfront Park in one of Stacy’s favorite neighborhoods,Harborview. With the bright blue water on one side and beautiful condos, museums, and high rises on the other, it was a perfect introduction to the city. It seemed to have its own energy, and everyone we encountered had a friendly, positive demeanor that immediately put me at ease. Passersby weren’t just strangers; they were neighbors! By the time the weekend rolled a ...

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44 Types of Escrow Turbulence

The below list is not all encompassing, but it catches most of the common issues we might run into upon reaching an accepted offer and opening of escrow. While some of the items are “picky” to some, they are very real and fearful to others. Please take a few minutes to review the list. As your REALTOR, we see ourselves as the pilot of your plane.   Our job is to assist you in gettingyour real estate transaction closed on time and with the fewest aggravations. We can’t promise you no turbulence, or that other parties to the transaction won’t try and pull a few stunts, but we can promise you that we will utilize our experience and expertise to take you on the smoothest flight that we can. And if we do hit turbulence, we won’t bail out on you. We’ll be your teammate throughout the flight, until we get you safely to your destination. Rest assured your advocacy is our number one goal, and that means you must be delighted with the product and service we ...

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Ways for Two or More Individuals to Hold Title Together

Stewart Title San Diego has provided this useful breakdown of how more than two individuals to hold title together. Note that the information concerning ownership vesting is for informational purposes only. Contact an attorney or CPA if you desire advice regarding a specific manner of holding title to property. Tenancy in Common Joint Tenancy Community Property Community Property With Right of Survivorship Parties Any number of persons  (including married or registered domestic partners). Any number of persons (including married or registered  domestic partners). Only married couples or registered domestic partners have community property rights. Only married couples or registered domestic partners. ...

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