What to look for when selecting a Buyer’s Agent?

What to look for when selecting a Buyer’s Agent?

When purchasing a home there are a number of professionals that you engage to work on your behalf. A key part of your team is your Realtor acting as your buyer’s agent. The buyer tools on SDLookup.com to view properties for sale are a great place to start the home purchase process. Inevitably questions about the home purchase process, industry terminology or the desire to see a particular property will arise.

SDLookup agents are integrated into SDLookup.com and work as a team which makes working with our professionals easy and convenient.  contract.jpg 

SDLookup Agents will typically do the following on your behalf

  • Schedule and host home tours
  • Discuss the current market conditions in your particular sub-market
  • In some cases previewing new listings on your behalf to see if they meet your criteria
  • Answers questions about property availability and showing availability
  • Draft offers on properties for your signature
  • Negotiate with the seller’s agent on your behalf
  • Discuss counter offers with you and draft responses for your signature
  • Make the property available for appraisers and home inspectors that view the home
  • Discuss any issues found during inspection with you and negotiate potential changes to the terms of the purchase contract.
  • Work with the escrow officer, transaction coordinator, finance professionals and seller’s agent to close the sale.

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