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Moving advice needed
Last Post 29 May 2017 10:38 PM by pd4141236. 9 Replies.
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28 Apr 2009 11:25 AM
    Hi all,

    I am moving from Del Mar Heights to LA (near Marina Del Rey) and I'm looking to move as cheaply as is reasonable. I want some feedback and mover advice for the two options:

    1) Get movers in SD to help me load a Uhaul. Drive the Uhaul myself and get some movers in LA to help me unload. Moving a fully furnished 2 bedroom apartment worth of stuff.

    2) Get movers in SD to move me all the way to LA. One set of movers using their truck.

    I have no idea what this stuff costs. I was thinking of packing as much as I can myself to help save money. Any tips / cost figures / things to watch out for?

    Also any recommendations for a moving company here?

    28 Apr 2009 12:35 PM
    I'd suggest ABF U-Pack and UPS. This way you can pack the small stuff at your your leisure. Put the big stuff in the U-Pack and UPS the
    stuff that doesn't fill up the U-Pack. We shipped our belongings using this method when moving to SD by ourselves. If you have a few friends to help - you should go with the U-Haul option.
    28 Apr 2009 12:52 PM
    Yeah, get some friends to help and/or once you get to LA stop by the closest Home Depot and pick up a few day laborers.
    28 Apr 2009 01:06 PM
    I am making arrangements to move to SD. I have done a lot of research and the best options seem to be ABF-Upack or Smart Move. ABF has the cubes or they park a truck at your place to load it up, you can use them to load it or yourself. Smart Move only does the cubes. You can pack and load yourself or you can get helpers through them. I will be using Smart Move. An EXCELLENT website to use is

    Main page - it is a good site, does not mean all the movers are scamers!

    Superlist of moving companies - 3/4 of the way down the first page below you will find San Diego (in RED TEXT) movers and info.
    Superlist of Movers

    So much info on that site, you will go crazy trying to read it all!
    28 Apr 2009 03:13 PM
    Awesome! Thanks everyone
    28 Apr 2009 03:23 PM
    What do day laborers make nowadays?

    28 Apr 2009 03:27 PM
    $10/hour i think?
    28 Apr 2009 03:42 PM
    Day laborers outside home depot are surprisingly more affordable these days. I got 2 today that worked 8 hours; I just paid them with surgical masks and some flu vaccinations and we called it even.....
    28 Apr 2009 03:47 PM
    LOL. Funny.
    29 May 2017 10:38 PM
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